Monitoring and monitoring of the environmental parameters of data centers is one of the most important issues in network monitoring, which in the absence of monitoring these parameters could seriously damage the equipment in the data center and cause organizations to face severe financial costs.

Some of these problems include:

1- Failure of the cooling system and the increase of ambient temperature resulting in an increase in the temperature of the equipment as a result of damage to the equipment

2. Increased temperature of the site, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the equipment as a result of damage to the equipment

3. Water leakage from cooling equipment or pipe drainage The drainage system of the cooling system will result in electrical connection or damage to the equipment.

4. Changes in the input voltage to the equipment

5. Smoke in the environment

6- Increased gas in the environment - (Nitrogen gas in the battery room)

7. Input-Output flow changes

All of the above problems are detected by the Kayer Sensors and can help prevent damage to the equipment before the critical situation.

سنسور دما-رطوبت

These sensors send their current data to the central monitoring system using the SNMP protocol, and if the conditions exceed the normal limits, the monitoring software will generate the correct alarms and execute the correct action. These actions can be defined in the system in the following ways

1- Generate alarms in the software panel

2- Generate audio alarms in the software panel

3- Send Email - Ticket

4. Send SMS

5. Align the siren

6. Automatic power cut to prevent equipment damage

7- Connect the power supply to turn on the cooling system

It is also possible to combine the above-mentioned conditions with the intelligence of the data center system

For example, if the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ° C, the central monitoring system can shut down one of the cooling units in order to save power and put it in the circuit if the ambient temperature is again above 25 °. .