One of the biggest problems facing email server managers is knowing the validity of the mail server's performance and its status. Users of the organization repeatedly contact the technical department to claim that their e-mails have not been sent or they have not received an email in their mailbox.

Spam or email revert are other problems that such organizations face. It's time-consuming to find the cause of the problem and finding a solution for it. in some cases the server administrator's lack of experience will lead to an unsolved stat to the problem.

With several years of experience in providing email service, kayer produced a module for the same purpose. This unique module does not have a foreign equivalent and with data mining techniques will turn unuseful data into useful ones.

Postchi's exclusive mail log analyzer automatically searches for all email server connections, all sent and received emails, queues, and user connections, and saves them as templates in the database.

If a user claims that their email has not been sent or received, the system administrator cloud the search that email's info in the log analyzer panel and notify the latest status of the email.

in case email had any abnormal activities, the cause will be provided and it will be searchable.

Another feature to mention is recording user's events.
this system saves all the user info and gives access to the system manager to watch and analyze that information.

The search function is based on the username and IP address, and the administrator can view the date of the user's connections with the IP addresses and the connection method (Web / Imap / Pop3). This module is valuable for detecting users who are hacked or taking care of sensitive accounts and displaying any abnormalities in the system.