The NOC is responsible for monitoring events or specific conditions in the network that may reduce network performance or lead to service failure.

The three purpose of the launching of a NOC in the network is :

  • Making sure the services are accessible and clear
  • Service activation
  • Service Verification

This section monitors network services, network nodes, connection links, and servers. Any kind of service and communication failure will be registered and departments and customers will notify.

It is clear that a network monitoring software is an inevitable member of the NOC. The larger organization's network is, the more difficult it will be to keep track of it. The technical team at the NOC must monitor all components of the network and if detected a problem immediately resolve the problem or refer to the relevant department.

This is where the differences in monitoring software are revealed. For example, most networks use Cacti software to monitor the network which easily monitors connection links and server resources, but you need to hire between 2 and 10 people (depends on the size of the network) along with this software to monitor all these connection links and if they act abnormally in displaying the graphs, they will attend to it immediately.

The appropriate monitoring software for these centers should monitor all links and resources automatically any disruption, the technical team of the company will observe all of these warnings and will follow them if necessary.

Shabakehnama network monitoring software is a product that will meet all your requirements in this regard :

  1. Ability to monitor and monitor more than 100,000 active monitoring items on a server
  2. Monitoring of major telecommunication equipment such as Cisco, Extreme, Huawei, ZTE, Zyxel, Dlink, 3com, ...
  3. The only software that allows the specialized monitoring of the ZTE, Cisco, Huawei equipment that is most used in Iran in one place.
  4. Possibility to alert when passing parameters monitored by the threshold
  5. Provide alerts by Popup, Email, Sms, Alarm,
  6. Possibility to write and send a ticket in the software itself and in the external tracking software
  7. Separate access panel for users and other customers
  8. Specialized monitoring of network services such as Windows, Linux, DB2 with support for SNMP, WMI, Agent
  9. Log file monitoring
  10. Executing commands on routers and switches, or rebooting services that may interfere with servers.
  11. SLA calculations
  12. Smart network monitoring and diagnosis of anomalies using artificial intelligence algorithms
  13. Various reports of the most common uses, the most failures, the highest number, consumption reports, and reporting tools for any type of need.
  14. Ability to create dynamic maps of network topology
  15. Auto Detect Nodes and Changes in Nodes
  16. Application Extensibility for Large Networks.
  17. Generate an alert for the smallest network changes, even at port level
  18. Monitoring and monitoring of websites
  19. Virtual server monitoring
  20. And many more

One of the neat features in Network Monitor monitoring software is the use of the full-screen capability

Since most monitoring centers have large screens that display important parts of the network, all needs provided in this monitoring software. You can display from one to infinite pages on these large monitors.

The system has the ability to switch from one page to another and display more information on a monitor.
Displays network alerts as full-Screen with auto-update
View network topology as a full-screen map with auto-update
Display connection uplinks in full-screen mode with Automatic Updates
Displaying total contention links graph in full-screen with automatic update
And the ability to define other items as needed