Kayer Network Developers's Network Monitoring and Monitoring Data Center, the Shabakehnama brand, is a complete software package for network monitoring and monitoring services.

مانیتورینگ شبکه

This monitoring system is currently in the largest networks in the country such as:
  • Infrastructure communications company - the whole country
  • Iran Telecommunication Company - the whole country
  • Mobin Net Communication Company - the whole country
  • Rylet Communication Services Company - the whole country
  • Irancell Company - Cisco Network and F5 Network
  • Mobile Communications Company - The entire IPBB network
  • Telecommunication Company of Tehran - All areas of Tehran and neighboring cities
  • AsiaTech Company - the whole country
  • And other companies, ministries, banks and other organizations are installed and approved by the managers of these collections

Some of the features of this system can be mentioned as follows:
  • Monitoring and monitoring all network nodes, such as Cisco, Huawei, ZTE, Juniper, Fortigate, 3Com, Dlink, Extreeme, ..
  • Monitoring and monitoring various network parameters such as:
    • - Bandwidth monitoring, CPU monitoring, Memroy, Port UP / Down monitoring, CRC monitoring, Error, Monitoring of packet input and output, Bandwidth monitoring
    • - Monitoring firewall security parameters
    • - Monitoring Vlan and Sub Interfaces, Tunnels
    • - Monitoring Description of ports
    • - Monitoring Routing Protocols like BGP, OSPF, ISIS
    • - Ping Tom and Pocket Lost Controls All Nodes with the ability to change the parameters of measurement such as package size, timeout, number of packages
    • - Ability to measure max date in time intervals
    • - View the values ​​of Min, Max, Avg for any measured value
  • Monitor and monitor all server operating systems like Linux and Windows Server, FreeBSD
  • View Processor Status, Memory, Consumption of Network Cards
  • Total space and remaining disks
  • Number of running runs
  • Enable / Disable Service Services and Generate Alarms in case of service failure
  • Specialized monitoring of services along with the complete collection of information from them