Shabakehnama is one of the Kayer's products in Monitoring and managing network. This software provides all your needs for maintaining, monitoring and optimizing network management. This monitoring software is installed on the Linux operating system and the system administrator can manage and monitor all network nodes in a single, structured and centralized manner using the web interface.

Here are some general features of this software :
  • Automate network monitoring without the need for continuous supervision
  • Network monitoring as a centralized system
  • Supports most operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, FreeBSD, Solaris)
  • The web interface is written in PHP language
  • Solar calendar
  • Can be upgraded to a distributed monitoring system for large networks
  • Ability to define user and access restrictions to different parts
  • Dedicated interfaces for the Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, serial, pos, VPN, VLAN and so on.
  • Monitoring website speed and delay control of a website with and without proxy
  • Can be installed on the Linux operating system and Mysql, Postgresql databases.
  • Provide graphs, maps, defining pages for detailed monitoring of each section
  • Providing reports in PDF and Excel formats with the solar calendar
  • Generate audio and graphical alarms or send email and SMS
  • Ability to connect to the desired node and execute commands
  • Grouping network nodes
  • Capability to record network equipment specifications, model, factory serial, year of construction, location, operating system version, etc.
  • Monitoring environmental conditions such as air temperature, ambient humidity for data centers