Shabakehnama monitoring software is comprised of two main components. A) Service monitoring and B) network monitoring.
If you use it as network monitoring, you will monitor all network equipment, such as routers, switches, firewalls.
If you use it as a service monitoring, you can monitor all servers running operating systems like Linux, Windows, BSD, or Solaris.
You can also activate and use both modes at the same time.
In the following, we will view the features that are applicable to Shabakehnama software for monitoring the service
This can be done using a variety of methods.
In addition to simple methods such as SNMP and telnet to the service port (most of the current monitoring software uses these methods). Shabakehnama also uses a different method that provides superb features to the system administrator.
In this case, if you can calculate standard operating parameters using SNMP, those methods are used, and in order to use specific features and software add-on capabilities, you can have a small program written in C that It runs on the operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix).

this program provides you with some special features, some of which are as follows.
  1. Notify of the status of certain services for which SNMP has not been defined (sending SMS when the service is disabled or hang)
  2. Notify of the number of connected users
  3. Notify of the CPU parameters (I / O, Kernel, Context Switch, ...)
  4. Notify of the change of sensitive files
  5. Notify, when the new user is defined in the server or the password is changed
  6. Run the command or script on the server and transfer its output to the monitoring server
  7. Write and read speed on hard disk
  8. Launch services that are out of service.
  9. Restart the operating system in certain cases
  10. Monitor the services running on the operating system kernel
  11. Monitor the parameters of each service

It also has the ability to monitor specialized network services with the highest level of detail by loading specialized modules. For example, tracking the database parameters included Number of reads and write on the database List of Databases and Tables Checking the latest backup status See the number of users connected to the database Check Lock Status in Tables Cache status and memory used in the database and many more

Shabakehnama software can monitor the following services :
  1. Windows operating system
  2. Monitoring IIS & ASP.Net
  3. Monitoring the MSSQL service
  4. Active Directory service
  5. DNS service, DHCP
  6. Oracle service
  7. Monitor Windows services such as WSUS
  8. The Exchange Service including more than 10 sub-services
  9. Installed side services, such as Mdeamon, Backup Exec, Symantec, Antivirus, FTP, Java, ...
  10. Monitoring of Iranian services, such as administrative financial systems
Linux / Unix operating system
  1. Monitoring database services, such as MYSQL, Oracle, Postgres, Mongo
  2. Monitor web services like Tomcat, Nginx, Apache
  3. Monitoring DNS service
  4. FTP service monitoring
  5. Monitoring Java services, Jboss, ...
  6. Monitoring non-standard services and running applications such as