The download link of the catalog is at the end of the page, here is a brief summary of this catalog.

Basic features of Shabakehnama :
  1. Monitoring operating systems, applications and services status
  2. Monitoring security status
  3. Monitoring the status of nodes in the network layer (switches, routers)
  4. Monitoring the status of communication links and defining and providing SLA to subscribers
  5. Particular and custom parameters monitoring
Advantages of Shabakehnama compared to other software in the market:

Due to the programming nature of the software (C ++ programming language) and the use of Linux's custom and up to date operating system, the Shabakehnama monitoring software Benefits from unique advantages against software who based on Microsoft Windows operating system (such as SolarWinds, etc.)

  1. More uptime than Windows monitoring software. The uptime of Linux servers may be up to several years, but Windows servers need to be restarted after each update and are not suitable for this purpose due to the importance of monitoring servers in the moment recording of network events.
  2. Performance and response are much higher than the Windows monitoring software. The Linux operating system is designed to work with high volume processes due to the kernel writing structure and the updating of the code by the world's first specialists in memory management and multitasking operations and the lack of graphics utilization makes it far more efficient and responsive against the Windows operating system. The MySQL database with higher processing capability than Microsoft's SQL database allows for faster data storage and retrieval, as well as the high-level monitoring of server monitoring in the Internet-based networks. The only suitable option for this use is Linux based machines.
  3. The higher the security (Viruses, Attacks) than the Windows monitoring software. Due to the nature of advanced license management for system's users and their lack of access to other system resources (something that is not adhered to in Windows operating system), Linux operating system is much safer than the Windows operating system and the hacker's interest in hacking the Microsoft operating systems and the existence of various malware for Windows and the Microsoft SQL Server database. the only reliable option for the monitoring server is 1the Linux operating system.

Customization: Is the most important key feature of the Shabakehnama that it distinguishes it from its foreign and domestic rivals. Kayer's technical team mastery is to customize the product according to the needs of its customers, so far, most of its customers have changed the software according to their needs and added their features to the software in a very short time. this feature will not be available in other software.

Support: Another feature that distinguishes the Shabakehnama from other foreign software is the 24-hour support of this software, which in foreign software this service is not provided to Iran. In the event of a bug in any part of the program or in the deficiency of a Shabakehnama, you can easily report it and receive an update patch file from us. these problems in foreign software generally lead to long-term searches on Google, and generally will not be a satisfying answer.

for full details on the Shabakehnama software and access to the full catalog Use the download link below

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