In a situation where each telecom company claims to provide the best service to its customers, Subscriber's awareness of their legal rights is one of the factors behind the growth of the quality of telecommunication services. In fact, in this discussion, it should be distinguished between the two categories of quality provided and the claimed quality, because, according to the experts, the quality of service refers to a certain level of quality that each telecommunications company is trying to achieve. In this method, specific features must be provided for each service. The SLA is a contract for providing a certain amount of service quality by the service company to the client or client company. In Iran, with the presence of the private sector in the area of ​​providing telecommunication services and the Internet, the implementation of the Contract Telecommunication Services Level (SLA) is necessary.

Kayer has provided this segment to its customers as the first software provider to provide SLA calculations and service quality services by Shabakehnama monitoring software. With this capability, you can perform SLA calculations for any of the terms defined in the system (packet loss, timed out, port up / down, ...) at the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly intervals see SLA reductions. The system calculates the total amount of time an service is in alert mode and calculates the reduction percentage according to the total time.

The system calculates the SLA parameters based on the regulations of the Regulatory and Radiocommunication Organization and provides relevant reports on connected link quality, packets loss percentage and response time.

for example,

  1. Specific number of packages
  2. Specified and measurable size
  3. From origin to destination
  4. With a definable timeout
  5. Within a specified and identifiable time

The main problem in calculating the SLA is the accurate measurement from source to destination that Kayer offers a complete solution for these problems.

If you want to implement the 177 and 222 act of Communication Regulatory Authority regarding the calculation of the SLA. You can easily activate the desired parameters and get the right output.

You can integrate the Shabakehnama with Kayer's Helpdesk software to implement other modes of calculating the SLA.

In some cases, the starting point for the SLA is the same as the ticket, which is also easily implemented with Helpdesk software.

The Shabakehnama software allows you to specify SLA calculations for each parameter you want, and these calculations are not limited to the network's KPI parameters.

for example, North electronics company uses contractors who are required to solve andy disconnection between main and branch deparments, within the 2-hour limit for work days and 6-hour for weekends and holidays.
for each delayed hour, the amount of 10,000 IR will be deducted from their monthly bills.