What is POP3?                                                                                                        

Using POP3, your computer connects to the server and downloads new messages. You will be able to keep a copy of the message on the server for a certain period of time and after that delete the message or immediately delete the downloaded messages from the server. The POP3 protocol is the oldest method in business and commonly used in dial-up modems era. POP allows users to retrieve their emails when they are online and accessing and editing them even when offline.

Since the email must be downloaded first then displayed, the following problems may occur with the use of the POP3 protocol:

If you use another computer and want to receive your email, you will need to retrieve all emails again. If you want to check your emails at home and at work, you may be confused. All messages and Attached files to emails in the "Check new email" process should be fully downloaded.


What is IMAP?

IMAP is a newer protocol that based upon connectivity. In the standard version of this protocol emails stored in the server and for accessing those emails you must be online.

With this method, you will have the possibility to access your emails in multiple devices at any time anywhere as long as you are online.

IMAP allows you to view emails that are hosted on the server, so any changes you make to them (deletion, response, retransmission, and relocation) will be visible to anyone else who is logged in.

This is a great solution for users who want to share a single email account. It will also be very useful for people who want to have access to an email account from different devices at a time.


POP3 - Post Office ProtocolIMAP - Internet Messaging Access Protocol
You can only use a computerYou can use multiple computers
Your emails are stored on your computerYour email is stored on the server
Emails are stored on your local computerEmails are stored on the server