Postchi Email system is a powerful mail server based on the Linux operating system. This mail server, using the admin panel and the Persian web-based control panel, allows you to have full control over your corporate emails as the system administrator and network administrator, and to use all of the features of the enterprise's mail server as a user

میل سرور فارسی

Some features of Persian email software are as follows:
  1. The ability to define multiple domains and enable individual emails on each one
  2. Ability to define the maximum available volume for each domain
  3. Ability to define the maximum available volume per user
  4. Backbone from POP3, POP3-SSL
  5. Backstage of IMAP, IMAP-SSL
  6. Outlook Compatibility, thunderbird
  7. View the time of incoming and outgoing emails with calendar calendars
  8. Filter inbound letters based on sender, receiver, thread
  9. Foldability
  10. Share folders with other users
  11. Blocking Brute Force attacks
  12. Address book
  13. Search feature by user name, email address, search in email text
  14. Support for Persian editors with the ability to use Persian fonts like Nazanin, Title, Zar and support for simultaneous typing of Persian and English words without clutter.
  15. Ability to add multiple managers
  16. View activity of managers
  17. Solar calendar with configurable sessions
  18. Grouping users
  19. Limit the sending and receiving of message sizes
  20. Supervise the intangible users and notify the incoming and outgoing emails
  21. Admin panel and user interface in Persian / English
  22. The management dashboard with the most visibility of the senders, recipients, the largest amount of consumption
  23. Antivirus module and internal antispam
  24. View online users with their search IP addresses
  25. Post timing of future emails