One of the biggest problems with network administrators or data center is the maintenance of DNS servers and the lack of familiarity with all their features. If you want to use Linux-based DNS systems, and you will not be familiar with the details of this service, you will encounter serious problems.

پنل دی ان اس

The Kayer Network Developers's DNS server management system, using a web-based management panel, allows you to define all your DNS servers without any limits, and maintain centralized maintenance operations from one point.

1- Web Admin Panel

2- Ability to define administrator and access to arbitrary servers

3- Support for Bind servers

4- Ability to convert existing server to web structure by importing only one config file

5- Support for authoritative servers to define domains

6. Supports Recursive servers for recursive queries

7. Supports Master / Slave mode

8. Support for Reverse zone

9. Ability to restart services by admin panel

10. Ability to define domain and record