Kayer is pleased to announce that it has launched one of the largest network monitoring projects in the country.

In this project, all telecommunication network equipment of Tehran province with more than 400 thousand items has been installed.

All routers and switches include two Cisco and Huawei brands, including

bandwidth control,

Traffic control and alarms production according to specific circumstances,

Measure ping timing and packets for all nose nodes,

Monitor consumption of CPU, RAM, InVentory

Control IP Pools of Huawei BRAS equipment

Huawei & Cisco Sensor Temperature Control

Control VLANs and Sub-Interfaces

Control the input and output packets

UP / Down status control of ports

Control Errors on Interfaces

Control the description of ports

Self-discovery of all interfaces and VLANs

Send email and SMS alerts to personnel according to the requirements

Generate Excel and ... reports of network status and user consumption


Some of the features are provided by Shabakehnama Monitoring Software for this suite. Also, all the hardware equipment of this project including servers, storages, firewalls, rack and ... was installed by this company.