In this structure, each physical address is mapped to a unique name, and if necessary, it is called (instead of the IP address). The system translates the name into the IP address at the same time and provides the IP address information needed to access the destination address. Whenever you receive an email or browse the Internet, you use the name translation system and the reverse (DNS) system. In fact, more than two billion of such requests are answered by the root servers (13 major servers) every day on the Internet. Each of these requests relates to a server that is responsible for responding to a group of users and system resources, and ultimately each of these requests is serviced by the server responsible for the destination domains.

Kayer DNS product :

The company, with the proper understanding of the importance of DNS servers mentioned above, has been developing interactive software that can be a safe and secure replacement for commonly used DNS servers. This system, while supporting all the features of a standard server, offers even more unique benefits for higher security, ease of maintenance and more accurate management.

The Kayer's DNS software provides the network administrator with three important features of the essential network services in a single control system.

These three key features are :

  • Provide Authoritative DNS Service
  • Provide Recursive DNS Service
  • Providing Forward and Caching DNS Services